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Keya Janea

"Tabitha is a great instructor! She’s so inspirational. Pop Pilates is such an interesting and fun class to partake in. She makes it fun to work out she motivates me more and more to continue to strengthen and tone my body.  I leave her class feeling accomplished and excited to come back do it all over again."

Becky K.

"Love doing Pop Pilates each week.  She is a great instructor and makes it fun !! Wish we could do it more!" 

Kaycee Rene

"Tabitha is an incredible instructor! She makes working out fun and Pop Pilates found a way into my life right when I needed it most! I love going to her classes and finding new strength in my body! <3 Definitely go to a class of hers, you won't be disappointed!"

Amanda P.

"I love Tabitha's Pop Pilates class! It's a great workout, with fun music. Tabitha always explains each move and gives modifications for different fitness levels. She makes working out fun!"

Erin Katherine

"Tabitha is a great instructor she is fun, funny, and gives you an amazing workout! It is worth all the sweat! Take a class with her if you have the opportunity, your body will thank you."

Kim Day

"I am 54 years old, mother and grandmother. I took her class multiple times. It kicked my butt! She is intense. A great Pop Pilates Instructor! Gives you play by play descriptive moves making you feel confident. Everyone needs to try her class at least once Love her!"

Miranda S.

"Tabitha is wonderful! She successfully teaches to beginner and advanced in the same class and nothing is more motivating that great music while you do it. Thanks Tabitha! :)"