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West Michigan's ONLY Certified POP Pilates Instructor

West Michigan's ONLY Certified POP Pilates Instructor

West Michigan's ONLY Certified POP Pilates Instructor West Michigan's ONLY Certified POP Pilates Instructor

Meet the Instructor

Pilates Instructor

Tabitha Robbins, Owner & CEO

Tabitha Robbins is a the ONLY Certified POP Pilates Instructor in West Michigan and the Owner of Poppin' Fox Fitness.

She has been teaching POP Pilates since October 2016 at various gyms, studios and fitness centers.

In 2017, her love for teaching POP Pilates started to grow. She was having a hard time balancing a full time job as a Medical Assistant, Mom, Wife and Fitness Instructor.

With months of praying, support from her family and friends, and discernment from God, she made the leap to go down to part time so she could focus more on teaching fitness classes.

Backyard POP Pilates class

POP and Play

In the Summer of 2017, Tabitha decided to take a break from teaching classes at the gyms so she could spend more time with her kids, but she didn't want to give up teaching POP Pilates classes altogether.

She had students asking when she would be back because they loved the class and format so much! She came up with the idea of “POP and Play“, where once a week, people were welcomed in her backyard to take a POP Pilates class while their kids could play with her daughter.

This lasted through October when the weather started to get too cold to teach outside. 

In-home POP Pilates class

Evolving into something BIGGER

The idea of Poppin' Fox Fitness was already planted in Tabitha’s mind a few months before “POP and Play“ had evolved. 

She had been teaching classes every Friday to the staff at her son’s elementary school and was asked by one of the teachers if she would teach a class at the teacher’s home for an annual "Girl's Weekend". 

Of course she did and it was a blast!

After that, the desire was born to have her own space and to teach classes for fun events!

Tabitha now offers weekly classes at Yoga Place, as well as various popup events around Grand Rapids.

Her future vision for Poppin' Fox Fitness is to own her own studio where she can bring on board a variety of Fitness Instructors that share her same passion for fitness and fun.